and seeds include: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds and almonds.Egg yolk: A whole▓ salted egg yolk is placed in

the center of mooncakes t▓o symbolize the full moon.Jujube past▓e: A sweet paste made from the ripe fruits of the jujube (date) plant. It is dar

k red in color.·Regional Varieties of MooncakesThe varie▓ty of mooncakes varies according to different regions. The fillings used in▓ m

ooncakes depend on local eating culture and trad▓ition. The most popular variations inc

lude:Cantonese-style mooncakesCantonese-style mooncakes originate from Sout▓h China's Guang

dong Province. The ingredients used in the fillings are various, which reflects the Guan

gdong people's adventurous nature in▓ eatin

g. The most used ingredients include l

otus seed paste,▓ melon seed paste, ham, chicken, duck, ro▓ast pork,

mushrooms, and egg yolks. Cantonese-style mooncakes taste sweet. 銆€銆€Suzhou-style▓

mooncakesSuzhou-style mooncakes are also called Su-style mooncakes for short. Su-style mooncakes appeared more than a thousand ye

坓 bean paste, r ed bean paste and black be a▓n potato paste. Red b ean paste is the most com?/a> 坢only u sed filling fo r mooncakes.Five ker nel (浜斾粊, w菙 r&eac ute;n): This f illing consists of 5 types of nuts and seeds. The ty pes ▓of nut s and seeds va ry according to d▓ifferent regi ons, but commonly used nuts 云南5G 肇源县wap 梁平县wap 大余县wap 芮城县5G 西林县wap 广东5G 铜陵市wap 当雄县5G 方正县wap 迁西县wap 雷波县5G 本溪市wap 安平县wap 涞水县wap 额济纳旗wap 威宁彝族回族苗族自治县wap 奉新县5G 四会市5G 红原县5G 传奇私服服务器租用 传奇私服单职业火龙版 1.76热血传奇私服客户端 传奇私服单机版 传奇私服打金网站 最新传奇私服外挂 盛大传奇私服客户端下载 手游传奇私服1.76 传奇私服合击开服网 传奇私服开服网站